She believed she could so she did

freebutfocused Aug 06, 2013
Forgot to put a profile photo of my short hair! Had it for one and a half month now : LOVE. IT. Worst picture in the world though..pic
Flowerchild in Palermo, Italypic

Emma Stone - The genius

Emma Stone is definitely one of my favorite actresses and just favorite people in the world right now. I love how she knows how to…
freebutfocused May 26, 2012
freebutfocused May 26, 2012

Style inspirations !

I want to start blogging about my favorite celebrity style inspirations. Miley Cyrus is a huuuuge obsession for me right now, her style just gets…
freebutfocused May 24, 2012

Hair dye, baby

Just dyed my hair! They straightened it a lot at the salon so I think it looks better in the second picture :D I really…
freebutfocused May 23, 2012
freebutfocused Mar 09, 2012
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I get easily obsessively inspired by things and I thought I'd share them with someone.
Films, music, fashion, people... all things inspiring :)

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